Survivor Story

From Fear to Freedom

Jessie had suffered more than two years of physical and emotional abuse before her husband was arrested for punching her in the face in front of their one-year-old son. At the suggestion of law enforcement, Jessie came to the DSVS office unsure what to do next. Our compassionate staff helped her file for a temporary order of protection, which was granted due to the abuse she suffered the night before. DSVS continued to advocate for Jessie throughout the legal process that followed.

Like many of our clients, Jessie’s situation was complicated by the extreme poverty she and her family were experiencing. Jessie, her son and husband were living in a hotel, rented for a week at a time, but once her husband was arrested, she couldn’t afford the rent. Thankfully, she was able to help out at the hotel in exchange for rent for the rest of the month until she could get on her feet.

Jessie’s husband pled guilty to a partner-family member assault charge. Jessie decided she did not want to keep the order of protection in place, but she stayed separated from her husband. She took the initiative to set up a parenting schedule through the court where the baby’s father was only allowed to see him in a supervised setting.

Recently, Jessie accepted a new job in a nearby city that allows her to use her college degree. She found a rental that was close to her new workplace and day care. To help, DSVS paid for two months’ rent for her and her son so she could get ahead on other bills. Now, she loves her job and earns enough to support herself and her son. She’s in the process of a divorce, and best of all, she has been able to create a healthy and violence-free home for herself and for her son.


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