Survivor Story

A Gift Not Needed

Sometimes the best stories happen when we think the story is over. Recently, we reached out to Amy, a client who had received DSVS services about two years ago. We knew she was making great strides toward a life free from violence. She was doing great and had become established in a new community. She earned a cosmetology certificate and quickly built up a large clientele. So large, in fact, that she was opening her own salon. We reached out to her because we knew she didn’t have a vehicle and a generous donor had recently donated a car to DSVS. Here’s her response:

“After much consideration, I was floored by your offer for the potential vehicle, but I must respectfully decline with utmost appreciation and love. The new studio I am opening is within walking distance of my house, and I have managed this long without a vehicle, I know it is something I must earn for myself and have the capacity to do so. I know there is someone else out there in dire need this winter season, maybe with several kids, maybe having to commute, but I know there is someone who needs that vehicle more than I do. Thank you so dearly for thinking of me. As always you have warmed my heart.”


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