In any room with ten Montanans, there are at least three who have experienced or will experience interpersonal violence – regardless of gender, age, social status, wealth, or upbringing… they have known the fear of feeling unsafe.

As we say goodbye to 2023 and head into our 25th year serving the community, DSVS is proud to have reached this significant milestone. However, it’s also a reminder that our mission of ending violence in our community is far from over. We remain steadfast in our commitment to our cause, and we are asking for your support.

This work is not possible without the care, support, and financial contributions of our neighbors and friends. You consistently prioritize the safety of our community and it is the reason we are able to help hundreds of people every year.

Everyone deserves to feel safe in their relationships. As individuals and as a community, we can decide to prioritize safety for all. Please consider a gift to DSVS this holiday season, as we head into our 25th year empowering survivors and helping new generations of young people understand the hallmarks of healthy relationships. We will be here to serve the community for as long as violence is a part of our lives.

DSVS Staff and Volunteers

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