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What's New: April 10, 2015
Apr 10

Imagine you or someone close to you just experienced a violent trauma, such as sexual assault. You need to seek medical care, but you aren’t sure if you’re ready to report this incident to the police. Maybe you know your attacker. Maybe you’re embarrassed or in pain. Local medical facilities can help ease your most severe and urgent pain, but cannot provide any specialty sexual assault services such as a Sexual Assault Nurse Examination (SANE Exam) where forensic evidence can be collected. There are only four facilities that can provide such services in the vast state of Montana and your closest facility is Billings. What’s your next step?

CALL DSVS at (406) 425-2222.

Serving survivors of sexual violence, DSVS was disturbed by the lack of such services in our area. We partnered with Red Lodge Fire Rescue to provide FREE transportation for survivors to travel to Billings Clinic for SANE exams and other medical care. Transport is free and confidential. Survivors will ride with a local EMT and a DSVS staff member, who can guide them through the SANE process and other vital services. Anyone in Carbon County can arrange transport – just call (406) 425-2222.

A Few Important FAQs:

  • When can a SANE exam be performed? Within 96 hours of an assault. Not sure if you are interested in a SANE exam? Call us – we can talk to you about your options.
  • Are police notified? Not unless you would like them to be (so long as you are over 18).
  • What happens when I call DSVS? A confidential advocate will help you assess your immediate safety needs and provide guidance and resources specific to your situation.
  • Will I be charged for the exam? You will not be charged for the SANE exam or transport. If you have other injuries that need to be treated, you may be charged. Crime Victim Compensation is available to cover such costs if the assault is reported. You may speak with DSVS to assess your options.

Please help us raise awareness of this vital service. Together we can prevent and alleviate violence.

For more information on SANE exams, visit Montana SANE exams.