Domestic and Sexual Violence Services
Serving Carbon and Stillwater Counties
1119 South Broadway, Red Lodge   •   office: 406-446-2296   •   office hours: 9-5, M-F

What's New:

May 4
Domestic and Sexual Violence Services reaches out to the community! DSVS has worked to bring two FBI agents from Billings to discuss human trafficking and its effects in Montana. This course is designed to help attendees gain a more comprehensive knowledge about human trafficking, better realize the scope of the issue, recognize the indicators of sex trafficking and understand the methods used to recruit and control the victims of modern day slavery..
May 5
Join DSVS staff and volunteers for an afternoon of working in our yard! We are doing some spring landscape clean up and planting. Having a lovely yard helps make our clients feel more comfortable. Wednesday, May 25th from 2-4pm. Please RSVP to
Dec. 21
Please come join DSVS and friends from the Billings transgender community for a “Transgender 101” discussion and honest conversation about the biological, emotional, and societal issues faced by transgender individuals. Forum is Tuesday, January 12th at Café Regis, dinner at 5:30pm ($16--pay with cash or check at door) and program at 6pm. Please RSVP to
Apr 10
Serving survivors of sexual violence, DSVS was disturbed by the lack of such services in our area. We partnered with Red Lodge Fire Rescue to provide FREE transportation for survivors to travel to Billings Clinic for SANE exams and other medical care.

Transport is free and confidential. Survivors will ride with a local EMT and a DSVS staff member, who can guide them through the SANE process and other vital services. Anyone in Carbon County can arrange transport – just call (406) 425-2222.
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